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Are you in a hurry with your website development project?

by Marek Tyniec on March 10, 2015
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Sometimes it just so happens that you have to have your website coded in a very short time. We’re not afraid of such challenges, and call them “expedited projects” then get to work.

One of such stories is with Luminus Networks, when we coded their website in less than three days.

A few weeks after their website was launched, I had a chance to talk with Caryn about the production process.

Our producer Pawel, who was coordinating your project told me that the main issue was time, because you were in a hurry…

Yeah, we had a really short deadline to work on the website and I actually didn’t think that anyone would be able to pull together with our website.

But I contacted you guys and thought ‘well, they’ll chop the design at least’ . And I was really surprised that you guys were able to say “Yes, we can do it”!

Then I think the first draft was delivered like the day I had it scheduled. So it hadn’t even been a whole day you worked on it.

So was the time-difference was an advantage?

Not really, I think it was a slight disadvantage, but in the end it didn’t seem to make impact on when the project was delivered.

It was a slight disadvantage because I knew that there would be a chunk of your day when we wouldn’t be able to hear from you guys, because of the time difference, but for the most part you guys were able to either keep late hours or early hours and we were able to overlap during the day.

Your company comes from networking business, can you tell me a little bit more about it?

We are a startup that is doing some work in network administration tools.

Why did you choose the design for your website: one-page with a parallax effect?

We chose that because we thought it looks really modern and slick and it was a nice, clean design. It was simple and collected everything we wanted people to know up-front about our company into one simple page, so that’s pretty much why.

What did the cooperation with our development team and producer look like?

Well… we’re just satisfied. Every time we had an issue, like when our CEO had some doubts about how the page was scaling and she was a little bit confused why it was like that, Pawel answered her questions and corrected it quickly so each adjustments was made really quickly. Yeah, we’re really satisfied with that.

About the author

Marek Tyniec

Marek Tyniec joined Xfive in 2015 as a marketing specialist. When not thinking of CTRs and Conversion Rates, he rides his bike and writes a cycling blog.

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