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Care and innovation

by Marek Tyniec on July 28, 2015
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It’s always nice to meet a customer face to face, especially if he comes from the other hemisphere. Ross Gooding from Olax agency came across and shared some thoughts on working with Xfive.

About outsourcing

Basically I work remotely as almost everyone nowadays. We have 30-40 contractors who work for us in particular areas. That’s how I found you, through word of mouth from one of my contractors.

I’ve tried Indian companies and I’ve tried local companies. Also I used to employ my own development team, but I’ll probably never do that again.

We were locked-in in a certain knowledge base and while the technology was developing, it was hard to keep up. We were finding that the websites that we presumed were good weren’t suited to our customers’ needs.

So we’ve stopped developing and tried to outsource it to good developers.

About care

In Australia, a website like Xfive did for me costs about $20,000 AUD. You priced it for about $10,000AUD. For us it was not only cost-reliable but also a change in approach, because you did and charged only those things that were necessary.

It is common that companies are implementing features that are expensive but to be honest that nobody want or need. That’s why working with you was kind of a relief. You understood the methodology we wanted to adopt from a purely graphical and flow point of view. It was like a breath of fresh air.

If you’re looking for a reason why I’m using you guys, it is the fact that you are able to realize a designer’s concept really well and efficiently.

About responsive websites

In the Australian property market, a website has to work on every kind of device and primarily on iPad. People are going around and looking for real estates, so the website must display properly on mobile.

It’s all about people’s expectations. If you had a website 4-5 years ago and it wasn’t responsive, it was a little bit out of date. Now having a mobile-friendly website and sometimes a mobile app is a must.

About the time zone difference

Having a person in Australia is of course good to have for that first, initial contact. But dealing with you guys directly is the best way to work remotely. I really like the way you use Basecamp to run projects.

What’s more, I really enjoyed working with a team located in Europe. If you can get up a half an hour earlier, e.g. 8AM, that’s 4PM our time, using that slot to establish tasks is enough and then you can use your 8 hours working day to produce the next part of project that I can review my morning. Thanks to that we can push things forward much faster.

About the author

Marek Tyniec

Marek Tyniec joined Xfive in 2015 as a marketing specialist. When not thinking of CTRs and Conversion Rates, he rides his bike and writes a cycling blog.

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