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Home Blog Introducing New Hero: Andrey Deineko - TimeSynch

Introducing New Hero: Andrey Deineko – TimeSynch

Andrey Deineko, XHTMLized’s back-end developer, has being HEROized as TimeSynch. Learn more about Andrey in the following interview.

How would you describe yourself to someone you’ve never met?

Life loving, enjoying each day for no apparent reason, avoiding serious relations. A nice-looking guy who loves quality in life and isn’t used to precisely answering questions, but instead particularizing his emerging reflections out loud. Values friendship and family above all.

Loves the sea, Porsche, old-school trance music, summer nights, soft clothes, well-groomed sports girls with deep eyes, dawns, sunsets, walking alone wasting time in a vain attempt to attain the unattainable meaning of life.


When you joined XHTMLized?

This next question is worth a whole separate article, but I’ll leave that to those who already know it. Technically – December 2013.

What do you do at XHTMLized?

I am a backend Ruby/Rails developer. It means I am responsible for whatever is happening behind the scenes (by the way, it’s an awesome looking, fancy and attractive scene which my front-end colleagues are in charge of) – accessing databases, handling requests, responding to any users’ actions, etc.

What are your favourite web development technologies?

Of course my answer is Ruby on Rails – Ruby’s the most popular framework, but I admire JavaScript even though I am barely familiar with its power.


What development tools you use on daily basis?

Development tools.. well, my main development tools are terminal and console (yeah, you read that right – a dull black window where you type inexpressive white symbols is my favorite development tool).

Besides these, I use:

  • pry – for delightful debugging (in terminal still);
  • Sublime Text 3 – for coding;
  • Heroku – for hosting/testing an application in production (real world) mode before delivering it to client;
  • RubyGems – here I look for the most appropriate “ready-made” solution before diving into reinventing the wheel.
  • StackOverflownot exactly what you would call a “development tool” by definition, but I doubt there is a programmer abandoning stackoverflow-driven development. If there are, I am definitely not one of them.

Which people or resources do you follow?

Ruby itself, as well as Rails are extremely well documented, hence my very first resort(s) are:

  • Ruby Documentation – self explanatory
  • Ruby on Rails Guides – most beginners (including me, when I was one) usually don’t pay due attention to these, but they are extremely beneficial for Rails developers of all levels of skill

Apart from those, I am subscribed to a few Rails bloggers (no worship, so dispense with names) and newsletters. Here’s some links:

  • Ruby weekly – once–weekly e-mail round-up of Ruby news and articles
  • A Fresh Cup – a software development weblog aggregating articles, news, official release notes and anything whatsoever regarding Ruby/Rails

As for the people, XHTMLized is lucky to have the most qualified professionals, and there is one to whom it is impossible to overstate my gratefulness – Agnieszka. If it wasn’t for her helpfulness and infinite patience, I cannot imagine myself being who I am now in terms of programming.


What you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, which is no longer a mysterious “something” in my life (this summer I’ve finally graduated – school use to devour any free time I had) I rest. By rest I mean being at home, cooking, eating, laying about, watching some TV series (yes, Piotrek, Community is a funny series!) and doing nothing. Rest also includes some programming practicing for fun and self-development.

When it comes to active leisure, I work out at the gym, ride a bike or play soccer.

I love music – you can rarely find me not listening any, so I also devote some free time to seeking new stuff.

Spending time with the fellows, talking and laughing (lots of laughing) goes without saying.

Tell us something about your superhero.

TimeSynch is much like Flash (except for sullenness) – his superpower lies in ability to adjust time flow according to his needs. BUT! TimeSynch goes further: since he firmly believes the Universe’s foundations are not meant to be distorted (even by superheroes), he developed the ability to synchronize his life with the flow of time.

About the author

Lubos Kmetko

Lubos Kmetko LinkedIn

Lubos Kmetko started to work for Xfive as a front-end developer in 2006. He currently helps with business operations and writes for the Xfive blog.

More from Lubos
More from Lubos

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Congratulations, Andrey!

Nov 28, 2014

Dima Step

Eto uspeh brother!

Nov 28, 2014


Proud of you my Hero!

Nov 28, 2014

Galactic hero

Now you're one step closer to the meaning:)

Nov 29, 2014

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