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Introducing new hero: Michal Pierzchala – SpaceCruncher

by Lubos Kmetko on November 20, 2014
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Congratulations to Michal Pierzchala for being HEROized as SpaceCruncher! Learn more about Michal in the following interview.

How would you describe yourself to someone you’ve never met?

Just a guy with curiosity about how the world works. As for my interests, I’m into a bit of everything, which sometimes hinders me from pursuing a more specialized field. I like gazing at the stars, sailing, enjoying good (and bad) movies and food. Sometimes I grab my camera and shoot some photos, trying to perceive the moment. I’m also into music, and have played piano and trombone in musical school orchestra as well as sing in a choir. Currently I’m on my last year of computer science engineering studies. I’m from Poland.


When did you join XHTMLized?

August 2013.

What do you do at XHTMLized?

I’m a front-end developer, turning clients’ designs in to web pages, fixing bugs and helping team members on a daily basis. Recently, I also got involved in developing and maintaining XH Generator – our internal Yeoman generator for projects scaffolding. Since the end of October, I’m in a contributors team next to Lubos, Ula and Piotrek. So between typical projects, I’m actively trying to help our developers (and myself) simplify and speed up workflow.

What are your favourite web development technologies?

Through the past year I’ve become more interested in JavaScript, so my favourite development tools are strongly associated with the language. To name a few, which I use (almost) everyday:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 obviously – for everything. Since Oct 28 it’s finally a W3C recommendation!
  • Grunt, Yeoman, Node.js – for scaffolding projects and automating tasks (with XH Generator mostly)
  • Sass / Less – for better stylesheet development and maintainability
  • Icon fonts – for sharp and easy to use icons (brilliant Icomoon here)
  • AngularJS – for responsive One-page apps, handling lots of user interactions.
  • HTML5 Canvas – for ease which it allows you to create simple games, particle animations and images manipulation
  • CSS3 transitions and animations – for bringing life to web pages

What development tools you use on daily basis?

Which people or resources do you follow?

First of all, I try to get as much knowledge from my work colleagues as possible (special thanks to Ula, Olek, Piotrek, Kamil). Apart from that, I follow a few webdev celebrities like Addy Osmani, Sindre Sorhus and Paul Irish. All of this keeps me pretty much up to date with the recent technology trends.


What you like to do in your free time?

Most of the time after work and university, I just like to rest. But this doesn’t mean laying down for the whole evening and surfing the internet (well, sometimes it does). In my free time, I like meeting my friends, talking, exchanging experiences and goofing around, going to movies, going to the gym with my colleagues from work, and playing Guitar Hero or Rockband. I’ve also recently started playing the piano, which Olek had brought to the office. I also like to travel and shoot photos, whenever there’s an opportunity.

Sometimes I also like to code in my spare time. Making little projects and learning something new can be kind of relaxing, but that doesn’t happen that much because there’s more than enough coding to do at work and university.

Tell us something about your superhero.

SpaceCruncher is a hero who can ‘crunch’ space and time in order to move with tremendous speed [just like Warp drive from Star Trek (but he’s not a big fan of the series)], which makes him appear neither too late nor too early, he’s just on time. Manipulating spacetime is pretty fatiguing, so he has a weakness for Snickers Cruncher bar, which he’s partially responsible for disappearing from the stores.

About the author

Lubos Kmetko

Lubos Kmetko started to work for Xfive (formerly XHTMLized) as a front-end developer in 2006. He currently helps with business operations and writes for the Xfive blog.

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Wojtek November 20, 2014

Way to go, Michał! /five

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