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Is your website ready for the iPhone 6?

by Dave Rosen on September 9, 2014
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The iPhone 6 is coming! New devices have a nasty habit of breaking your website across their screens. Will iPhone 6 break your website?

Understanding the Problem

New technologies have new rules. Often websites that worked perfectly well on older technologies break when accessed with these new technologies. Some sites lose their visual appeal. Others lose functionality. How will the iPhone 6 affect your site? The only way to answer that question is to test it out!

New technologies have new rules.

We can identify your website’s breaking points on the new iPhone 6 and fix them before they become a problem. That’s the magic of XHTMLized. We make sure your site works on every technology, every time!

We specialize in adding a little magic to your design by ensuring your website is fully accessible on each technology, so you can be 100% confident that your visitors are seeing what you want them to see whenever they visit, no matter which technology they use.

The XHTMLized Solution

XHTMLized has the solution you need to make sure your website is ready for the iPhone 6. We’ve put together a special, limited-time offer to get our clients prepped and ready for the release of the iPhone 6 as quickly and easily as possible. We can even advise you on how to leverage new capabilities to enhance your visitors’ experience.

We will make sure your website is ready for the iPhone 6

We’re ready to work some magic! We’ll test your site on the iPhone 6 and let you know what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do about it. We’ll even tell you how to enhance your site by leveraging the new features of the iPhone 6! You’ll learn everything you need to know for just $20!

If you want, we’ll even fix your site for you. This is a limited time offer. The sooner you contact us the sooner you’ll have the magic of XHTMLized at your visitors’ fingertips on their brand new iPhone 6!

About the author

Dave Rosen

Dave Rosen as founder of Xfive (former XHTMLized) has played a role with the company since its inception. Today, he continues to empower Xfive by equipping the team with rocket boots.

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