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Katelyn Gleason
Katelyn Gleason Eligible
Xfive’s team rental model helped me easily acquire a new team member for our project. Marek has been working with us for many months and although he is an external contractor, I feel like he's a part of our family now.
Home Blog Merry X-Mas and a Happy New 2017 Year

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New 2017 Year

Last year around this time we promised 2016 to be a very exciting year for XHTMLized. Of course, the excitement began in the first days of the year when we rebranded to Xfive.

A lot of great things happened, and with this blog, I would like to highlight the 5 biggest achievements.

#1 – Rebranding to Xfive and the release of the new website

Great work from a lot of team members made this huge change go smoothly and without having an impact on our operations.

In the beginning of January we started the transition, and within a month’s time, all had been successfully completed. One of the biggest tasks associated with the rebrand was a new website. The website has been warmly welcoming by our clients and has also been nominated for Awwwards.

#2 – Our 10 year anniversary

In March we celebrated a 10 year presence on the market.

10 years ago we started our journey, beginning with simple PSD to HTML conversion work evolving to the to complex web application solutions we offer today.

We made thousands of websites that have made us known experts in the industry.

#3 – 83% of our clients let its know they are greatly satisfied by giving us more work

83% of our work comes from returning clients or referrals. That speaks for itself in regards to the quality of our team, and our work. This is the best testimonial we could ask for.

#4 – Establishing a North American presence

In May 2016 we opened our office in the SF Bay area.

In addition, just a few months later we acquired the Bay Area firm, Webvanta LLC.

Thanks to that great decision we have made our presence in their US market very strong had added several new talented team members. They bring experience within the Education industry and SAAS model service with clients like The University of California, Berkeley, and The Nature Conservancy.

#5 – We grew our business by 20%

There is visible growth in the company, a little more than 20% during 2016!

All these above have been possible thanks to the great Xfive team and Xfive customers. It is an achievement that we reached together, and with this blog, I would like to say, THANK YOU.

Our Plans for 2017

In 2017 we are not thinking about slowing down. You can expect new surprises from us, and be sure nothing has changed in regards to our focus and commitment to our work.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a special time for you and your families. Have a good rest and charge your battery for the upcoming 2017 year. This year will allow you to make your dreams happen, and we are here to help. Please don’t be afraid to tell us about your ideas, as we truly care about turning your vision into a reality you can be proud of.

About the author

Milosz Bazela

Milosz Bazela LinkedIn

Miłosz Bażela is Xfive’s Chief Operations Officer. He joined Xfive in 2012. His mission was to adapt the company to the new market needs and grow it later on. He has previously worked as Head of Customer Care, Head of Development, Head of Quality and Chief Security Officer. Experience from all of these roles allows him to successfully lead Xfive into the next age.

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More from Milosz

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