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Xfive’s team rental model helped me easily acquire a new team member for our project. Marek has been working with us for many months and although he is an external contractor, I feel like he's a part of our family now.
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Mobilegeddon Really Is for You

You could have delayed your website adaptation for mobile standards for so many reasons. Cost, internal procedures or other priorities that were currently more important, and now you’re brutally forced to go mobile or die.

Who cares about statistics?

If you’re targeting B2B there is a chance that you considered going responsive, but couldn’t justify the effort. Your users who work on their desktops in corporate open spaces use only big screens and don’t browse with their mobiles.

Let’s quickly review your Google Analytics. It shows that you have less than than 10% of traffic that comes from mobile devices. Am I right?

Even though you don’t have thousands of mobile users per day, you’re not only forced to think about creating a mobile or responsive version of your website, but you need to do it right now. Not passing the Mobile-friendly test means that you won’t get high rank in mobile search results. Of course you can forget it for a while, but the situation will inevitably come back to haunt you and who can predict how Google will change their algorithms in the future?

It’s all about your growth

Responsive” doesn’t only mean “mobile friendly”. Think about those b2b users who search for opportunities on their high resolution screens. If they need to use magnifying glass to read your offer, they won’t contact you. You can’t afford missing potential customers.

Mobilegeddon is just an excuse

It’s true that “Mobilegeddon” is just a buzz-word, but it shouldn’t only make you think about your users’ devices or about Google search results. What’s  more important is that you think about your own business. Perhaps its time to switch priorities. Better messaging, web standards, usability and design improvements lead to more customers. It’s a fact!

You can get more from your website by upgrading to mobile and responsive than just gaining a few extra users who find you through a mobile search engine. It can be a huge step forward for your company. Mobilegeddon is just an excuse. The real reason is your business growth.

We’re here to help

What’s next? You have a new design and messaging and you’re ready to go mobile. Here’s where we can help you to get things moving. We have developed literally thousands of websites to be mobile or responsive. Many of our customers came to us with responsive-ready designs but we are also experts in ‘mobilising’ an existing site based on best practice.

About the author

Marek Tyniec

Marek Tyniec LinkedIn

Marek Tyniec joined Xfive in 2015 as a marketing specialist. When not thinking of CTRs and Conversion Rates, he rides his bike and writes a cycling blog.

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More from Marek

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