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Home Blog Web Design Trends 2014

In the first article on our blog in the new year 2014, we will start with an inspiring selection of articles predicting web design trends in 2014, and follow with an infographics showing what the last year was like at XHTMLized.

Web Design Trends 2014

The following is a collection of articles describing web design trends in 2014:

And here is the summary of most common predictions:

Flat design

Flat design will continue its dominance as the major design trend nowadays especially since iOS 7 launch. Evolution of the flat design comes with long shadows design, simpler color schemas, more animation and moving parts on the websites (we can even see the reincarnation of animated gifs).

Typography will play an even more important role, and many websites will be built around beautiful typefaces.

Responsive web

Mobile web will die this year, which means that separate mobile versions of websites will not be preferred anymore, and instead one version of a website will be served to all visitors, adapting to different devices they have. In short, responsive web is not just an option anymore, it’s something you must have today.

Rasterized icons will be less used as well because they don’t fit a responsive scenario very well. Font and SVG icons offer much more flexibility instead.

Changes in websites look

Long, one-page websites which require a lot of scrolling, but reveal everything in one instant experience (and thus save time, in fact) will still be very popular. The Parallax scroll will often accompany such sites, but the challenge remains to avoid purposeless usage just for the effect itself.

Hero areas on websites will be dominated by big photos or other creative content (eg. videos, animations). In contrast to that, the slideshows which were recently so popular will be used less and less, simply because they don’t work for most people. Some sites will also experiment with dropping sidebars completely (which makes responsive design easier).

All these changes will promote UX as a discipline in web creation, gaining even more importance.

Year 2013 at XHTMLized

What was the year 2013 like for our company? Check this nice infographics (click on the image to enlarge it).

XHTMLized 2013

Happy creating in 2014!

About the author

Malgorzata Jezierska

Malgorzata Jezierska

Gosia Jezierska works as a Project Producer at X-Team. She specializes in project scope analysis and agile methods.

More from Malgorzata
More from Malgorzata

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Dipak Tiwary

This is a great showcase about web design trend.

Apr 02, 2014

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