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Katelyn Gleason
Katelyn Gleason Eligible
Xfive’s team rental model helped me easily acquire a new team member for our project. Marek has been working with us for many months and although he is an external contractor, I feel like he's a part of our family now.
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Xfive Introduces Getfives, a Custom Talent Management App

From a simple vacation tool to a full talent management platform, Getfives helps Xfive and its members cooperate, grow and play.

Getfives started from a simple vacations module

Sounds like a startup

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times. Good products come from an exact need of its creators, and that’s the story behind Getfives, a talent management platform produced by Xfive.

We’re a mid-sized software house that joins both permanent staff, remote employees and freelancers. To coordinate the availability and utilisation of our developers, the Project Managers were using a whiteboard.

Parallelly, each employee was using a Google docs form to submit his or her vacations, sick leaves or other occasions off-days.

That’s where Getfives started.

Internal project vs ready-made solutions

It’s a common temptation for software companies to produce its internal tools instead of using those that are already available on the market. Usually spending time equals money on replicating ready-made products or services is unreasonable.

In this case, we were producing Getfives as an “MVP”, starting from essential vacations and availability tool, and next adding more features, while more needs occurred.

Thanks to such an approach, Getfives’ creation wasn’t for us any burden. The leading Ruby on Rails developer who was working on this app used his time in between client’s projects and enjoyed it as a challenge of building a product from scratch.

With Getfives you can easily onboard your employees

A full-featured talent management app

After vacations and availability, there came next features:

We’ve added the directory of our employees, both permanent, remote and freelancers, including their skills, working hours in different time zones, and hourly rate.

The next step was automating invoicing and payments for our contractors, integrated with the accounting system, who submit their work each month.

One of the best Getfives features is an instant onboarding. While accepting a new employee, our office manager creates all the accounts: Google, Gitlab, Basecamp, Slack etc. with one click.

What’s more, access to the custom Wiki that includes all the helpful information like internal rules, contact data, addresses, phone numbers, office plan, medical insurance and other benefits details is a part of welcome-message that new employee receives on his or her first day in the company.

Just as onboarding, we can also easily off-board an employee with just deactivating his or her Google account.

A cherry on top is a gamification module. We’ve integrated Getfives with Slack, where we’re encouraging and praising friends for their help, empathy or just a sense of humour. Virtual fives and coins submitted on Slack can be later exchanged on vouchers for Amazon, Zalando, iTunes, etc.

Directory of employees’ skills in Getfives

Who uses Getfives?

Getfives talent management app is a tool for every person in Xfive. Our COO, office manager and Project Managers hold admin rights, and use the platform to coordinate the work within the company.

Developers and the rest of operations team, both permanent, remote and freelance enjoy the product while submitting their invoices, vacations, setting their availability, and, finally, playing with fives on the Slack channel.

Getfives GDPR module

Talent management in GDPR era

With GDPR law storming Europe and the companies that operate in European Union, we’ve decided to upgrade Getfives with a dedicated module that helped Xfive become a “GDPR Compliant” company.

This addition to Getfives is a simple yet essential directory of employees and customers data administrators, processors, and collections with all the reasons, storage periods, and finally, the right to be forgotten.

Your company is special

We had a debate inside Xfive whether to share the Getfives story with you or not. This application was tailored to the specificity of a mid-sized software house who has a strong culture of remote work.

Currently, it can be useful for similar companies working in the digital industry.

Although there are many entities with similar structure, we believe that each one is unique, and has its own culture that should be projected to its own talent management system.

That’s why we present Getfives only as a successful yet custom solution. Would you like to expand and grow your organization with a similar one?

Let’s talk!

About the author

Marek Tyniec

Marek Tyniec LinkedIn

Marek Tyniec joined Xfive in 2015 as a marketing specialist. When not thinking of CTRs and Conversion Rates, he rides his bike and writes a cycling blog.

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More from Marek

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