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Gopika Setlur
Gopika Setlur Elefint Designs, Inc.
Xfive is an extremely reliable and professional development partner. They have helped us improve our process and offerings. We really appreciate their flexibility, quality, and attention to detail.
Home Work Departments of UC Berkeley

Departments of UC Berkeley

Development and maintenance of WordPress websites, migrations from legacy platforms.

Our long-term partnership with a number of departments of UC Berkeley covers the full spectrum of WordPress development and maintenance. Xfive takes care of WordPress development, design and maintenance, as well as migrations from legacy CMS platforms.


Eleven individual departments of the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. 


University departments require simple, clean, accessible websites that are easy to use and easy to manage. WordPress is a perfect fit for this set of requirements.


Cooperation Model
Cooperation Model

Xfive designs and develops a WordPress website either from scratch or based on a migration from Drupal or a legacy CMS based on Ruby on Rails. Because of the specific requirements of higher-education institutions, the design and structure follow a set of predefined rules. Depending on the size and complexity of the department, we either develop a custom WordPress website or suggest a purpose-made, higher-education theme called Press+.

  • 1x UX/UI Designer
  • 1x WordPress & Front-end developer
  • 1x Quality Assurance
  • 1x Customer Satisfaction Manager

The projects usually have a fixed budget that covers the stages of discovery, design, and development. Our Care & Maintenance plan is then used to keep the websites 100% safe and up-to-date.

  • Figma
  • Git
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Pantheon
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript

6 weeks for a single project


Key achievements

Xfive has delivered websites to the following UC Berkeley departments:

  • The Department of Astronomy 
  • The Theoretical Astrophysics Center 
  • Center for Integrative Planetary Science 
  • The History of Art Department 
  • The Department of Film & Media 
  • The Department of Rhetoric 
  • The Department of German 
  • UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender 
  • The Department of Ethnic Studies 
  • The Department of African American Studies

Accessible, easy-to-use, reliable websites

  • Accessibility and responsiveness, two must-haves for any organizational and educational website, implemented according to the latest guidelines and current best practices.
  • The choice of WordPress allows users of all levels of skills and experience to administer the website, edit and update its content, manage its roles, etc. 
  • The migration from legacy CMS platforms brings value to UC Berkeley departments thanks to faster load times, modern yet clean design, SEO improvements, and ease of management. 
  • The Care & Maintenance plan keeps the websites up-to-date, allows for improvements in themes and plugins as needs arise, and helps avoid the accumulation of technical debt.  

Xfive designed and migrated two new websites according to specifications. They improved the visual design and the UI along with information and links.

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