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Katelyn Gleason
Katelyn Gleason Eligible
Xfive’s team rental model helped me easily acquire a new team member for our project. Marek has been working with us for many months and although he is an external contractor, I feel like he's a part of our family now.
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MVP for a start-up operating on a rapidly growing market

For QualSCORE, Xfive delivered a full package of branding, website, and app design as well as a fully functional survey app that helps improve the cannabis dispensary industry.


QualSCORE is a pioneer app on the fast-growing cannabis market.

While more and more states and countries legalize cannabis-related products and services, QualSCORE helps gather and analyze feedback from the customers of dispensaries, delivery services, and brands, and as a result helps to improve the whole industry.


The client requested an easy to use app that will help users submit feedback and rate cannabis products and services.

With online surveys accessible from mobile devices, they should be able to leave an opinion and score the price, customer service, products’ quality, and availability.

As a start-up, this new business required a logo, brand identity, website, and a functional app delivered within both a reasonable price and timeframe.


Cooperation Model
Cooperation Model

Our MVP development service helps startups hit the market and check their business model in real life. They can better control the budget in the early phase of start-ups existence while delivering visible results.


1 x Project Manager
1 x Designer
1 x Frontend developer
1 x RoR developer
1 x Quality Assurance specialist


We adopted Agile approach to deliver a fully functional product within the agreed timeframe. Client acted as a Product Owner.

  • Git
  • Heroku
  • Pivotal tracker
  • Basecamp
  • Sentry
  • Sendgrid
  • Amazon S3
  • Yarn
  • Figma
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Chartkick
  • Webpack
  • JavaScript

From the early discovery, through the creation of brand identity and landing page, and a functional QualSCORE app it took four months; that equals slightly over five hundred working hours.


Key achievements

With over ten years of experience in serving start-ups from various industries, we were quickly able to define the scope of the project, propose the technologies and focus on essential functionalities that were crucial to making things happen. The following are the key achievements in the MVP phase of project:

  • Branding: Logo, business cards, and a brochure were delivered as a first step of the project. Green color theme characteristic for the cannabis industry connects with dark blue, grey, and clean fonts to amplify the serious character of the business.
  • Website: Modern one-page website explains the main ideas behind the QualSCORE projects, answers frequently asked questions and encourages to register and use the app.
  • Application: The first iteration of QualSCORE app includes core features: a system of surveys connected with transaction receipts; data analysis, reports, scores and badges for dispensaries’ owners; monthly subscription program for long-term partners.

First come, first served

Each day thousands of start-ups hatch. In this business, being an early bird usually gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Launching your product with just a few core functionalities, and getting feedback from early adopters can be more important than producing a huge application, and polishing it for months or even years.

Delivering a Minimum Viable Product is the recommended approach for innovative products or services, and on dynamically developing markets.

Providing a whole package of branding, a website, and an app within just four months allowed QualSCORE to become a pioneer in measuring the customer satisfaction of the rapidly growing cannabis market.

With the working app and the key information presented online, QualSCORE can now attract new customers, grow and add new functionality in the upcoming months.

Hire them! They are the best. If you can dream it, they will make it a reality. Xfive is the "Ace" up my sleeve.

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