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Case Study

The UltraWellness Center

Not just another WordPress website

We have created a modern and fast WordPress website for Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraWellness Center. By using our custom WordPress development framework Chisel, we have ensured that the site is easy to maintain and extend in the future.



The UltraWellness Center was founded in 2004 by Dr. Mark Hyman after nearly 10 years as the co-medical director of nearby Canyon Ranch. At Canyon Ranch, he pioneered the principles of Functional Medicine and helped thousands achieve relief from treatment-resistant chronic health problems, and discover optimal health and vitality–in a word, UltraWellness.


Create a website for a functional medicine clinic in Lenox, Massachusetts. Highlight why this clinic is unique and why functional medicine is the future of medicine, but also what separates the clinic from the others around the world.

The site should have a blog, which will be run and updated all the time. It should be easily updated with the information about new doctors, new medical services, new job offerings, etc.


Cooperation Model

Fixed price offer based on our thorough discovery of the project. Scope extensions and changes were separately discussed and estimated over the course of the project.


  • 1 x Project Producer
  • 2 x Front-end Developer
  • 2 x WordPress Developer
  • 1 x Quality Controller


A hybrid approach using a Kanban Board in GitLab for a detailed decomposition of all tasks. Each task went through development and quality check, with overall QA at the end of the project.


  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Basecamp
  • GitLab


  • ES6
  • WordPress
  • Timber
  • Chisel


2 – 3 months


  • Modern looking website: Refreshed look & feel of the website that better represents the spirit and values of the clinic. Users can navigate easier through the site and achieve their goals.
  • Easier to develop and maintain website: By using our custom WordPress development framework Chisel, we have created a website which is easier to maintain and extend in the future.
  • Leaner website: We have reduced the number of requests on the home page from 150 in previous site to 40 in the new site and page size from 2.7MB to 1.5MB (at the time of the site’s launch)
  • Faster website: Reducing load time from 9 seconds in previous site to 2.5 seconds in the new site (at the time of the site’s launch)

On working with remote agencies

Surprising for some, working with Xfive as a remote agency had an advantage in terms of the time difference, according to the client. They liked that they would send us their feedback in the evening and in the morning all of that was executed.

The client also thinks it was easy to work with us through Basecamp, especially that giving us feedback was convenient. Working on a project like that could be very complicated, but we made it simple for the client.

My Project Manager was Ewa. I loved having her because I had a point person I could always email. When I was giving feedback on the website, she was assigning it to different people, developers, and the QA guy. On my end, it was effortless, because she was the one who was assigning the tasks.

Ronit Menashe Ronit Menashe Marketing Director
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