A Plan for Startups: Web App Development in Elder Care

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Xfive worked with Olera, a startup in elder care services. Let’s explore a team’s journey of creating a web app for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Many startups face online challenges in Web App Development. Especially in elder care. Xfive worked with Olera, a startup in elder care services. Let’s explore a team’s journey of creating a web app for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Learn how they overcame obstacles, embraced user-centric design, and planned for growth.

Understanding User Needs in Web App Development

Our project revolves around three main user groups:

  • Caregivers: Families, and children of elderly people (suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia). Looking for daily care for their family members while they are at work. Often searching for services themselves.
  • Individuals Needing Care: Families of people who need 24-hour care and looking for nursery homes, or senior homes for their loved ones. Sometimes the seniors who are looking for senior homes.
  • Service Providers: Owners, facilities administrators, or home care service providers. Looking to improve their visibility and accuracy of information.

The success of the web app depends on how well it meets these needs.

Product discovery elements

Solving Web App Development Challenges

We chose Ruby on Rails for the backend, React for the frontend, and Sanity CMS for content management. We used it to create a scalable, and reliable solution. The solution handles complex algorithms and updates content for SEO. Here are some strategies we employed:

  • Utilizing a flexible CMS to manage and update SEO-friendly content.
  • Incorporating user feedback into continuous improvement processes.

Emphasizing user-centric UX/UI Design in Elder Care

Intuitive user experience and appealing user interface design are essential in elder care. We designed a user-friendly interface to simplify elder care services search. Key features include:

  • Filter-based search for care facilities.
  • Personalized care plans based on user responses.
An image showing search results in Olera web app.
Design of the search feature

Leveraging User Feedback for Continuous Web App Development Improvement

User feedback has helped to refine the app to resonate with the target audience. Regular interviews and surveys allowed us to:

  • Understand user pain points.
  • Implement features and designs that matter.
An image representing web app development process
Project management tasks

SEO and Content Strategy: The Backbone of User Acquisition

Achieving a balance between automated and unique content was essential to our strategy. This involved:

  • Creating SEO-optimized content that drives organic traffic.
  • Engaging users with valuable resources and support options.

To be successful, startups must take a strategic approach. This is essential especially when using grant funding in the early stages of app development.
The outlined approach underscores: 

  • user-centric design, 
  • appropriate technology choices, and 
  • continuous iteration and improvement. 

Startups can leverage industry trends to create impactful digital products for elder care services and meet their goals.

Goals and Results

Using the above outlined approach we helped Olera successfully meet their goal. Olera received the first round of funding from the NIH National. To secure the second installment of a $2.3M grant, the first version of their product (MVP) had to reach at least 3.6 on the “Mobile Application Rating Scale”. An assessment tool used to evaluate the quality of digital health applications.

  • Following the strategic approach, we built the Minimal Viable Product.
  • The app reaches a score of 4.57 out of 5, passing the threshold. Olera secures the second installment of the $2.3M grant from the future growth.
  • The product, now developed and launched, is currently serving caregivers in Texas. Will soon be available nationwide. Development continues, with ongoing enhancements and new features added on iterations.

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For more project details please read the Olera case study.

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