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Cannabis startups challenges

Hi-Curious Premium is dedicated to an active group of cannabis lifestyle influencers so they can share their knowledge and life experience with their communities. The client’s goal was to build the platform as a community access marketplace for followers that want to be a part of what influencers are creating.

Cannabis startups in the United States face challenges like:

  • rapidly changing legal environment and inconsistent regulations between states,
  • many payment providers still not supporting cannabis businesses,
  • popular e-commerce platforms not supporting cannabis merchants and marketplaces.

A marketplace for followers of cannabis influencers

Hi-Curious is a place to join interactive communities led by inspiring people who share their cannabis lifestyles to advocate, educate, entertain, and support. We’ve built the platform as a marketplace for followers that want to be a part of what influencers are creating.

A mobile view of Hi-Curious premium app

Xfive guided Hi-Curious through the process of building a web application from scratch. User experience has been built with mobile devices in mind. The technical part of the project required creating a custom web application based on the Ruby On Rails framework.

A premium sub-brand and increased conversion rate

The application has a modern & elegant look and feel. The selling and buying experience are the main features.

  • Xfive created a premium sub-brand for Hi-Curious called Hi-Curious Premium so it feels special.
  • User-centric design and technologies used resulted in an increased conversion rate.
  • The buying process is fast and easy, with only a few clicks to subscribe to a community.

The site is beautiful, we love working with Xfive. Thank you for making our MVP dreams come true!

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