We operate globally, but stay rooted in our communities

At Xfive, we value lasting relationships with socially responsible businesses and organizations. Our mission is to help them achieve their online goals by building human-centered digital experiences. Commitment to craft and positive change in the world is at the base of everything we do.




Portrait of Milosz Bazela

Milosz Bazela

Head of Xfive
Portrait of Stan Dzavoronok

Stan Dzavoronok

Head of Product Development
Portrait of Maciej Karabon

Maciej Karabon

Head of Business Development
Portrait of Agnes Kozak

Agnes Kozak

Head of Project Management
Portrait of Mikolaj Glybin

Mikolaj Glybin

Head of Product Design
Portrait of Agnieszka Pastuszczak

Agnieszka Pastuszczak

Team Leader / Back-end Development
Portrait of Rafal Puczel

Rafal Puczel

Team Leader / WordPress
Portrait of Jacek Koziol

Jacek Koziol

Team Leader / Front-end Development

Business Development

Portrait of Karolina Brewczynska

Karolina Brewczynska

Business Development

Project Management

Portrait of Pawel Straczek

Pawel Straczek

Senior Project Manager
Portrait of Magdalena Lekston

Magdalena Lekston

Project Manager
Portrait of Dominik Paul

Dominik Paul

Project Manager


Portrait of Lubos Kmetko

Lubos Kmetko



Portrait of Monika Kos

Monika Kos

Finance Manager

Human Resources

Portrait of Radoslaw Wydrych

Radoslaw Wydrych

Portrait of Diana Mamak

Diana Mamak

Human Resources Specialist


Portrait of Daniel Smyl

Daniel Smyl

Senior UX/UI Designer
Portrait of Mateusz Szymkowicz

Mateusz Szymkowicz

Senior Product Designer
Portrait of Bianca Bulbuc

Bianca Bulbuc

UX Designer

Bartek Radziejewski

UX/UI Designer

Adi Darda

Portrait of Marcin Ziolek

Marcin Ziolek

Senior Front-end / WordPress Developer
Portrait of Gonçalo Figueiredo

Gonçalo Figueiredo

Senior Back-end / WordPress Developer
Portrait of Urszula Wielgosz

Urszula Wielgosz

Senior Front-end Developer

Aleksander Windak

Senior Front-end Developer
Portrait of Aleksandra Worhacz

Aleksandra Worhacz

Front-end / Shopify Developer
Portrait of Mateusz Czpak

Mateusz Czpak

Senior Front-end Developer
Portrait of Tomasz Novak

Tomasz Novak

WordPress Developer
Portrait of Jakub Bogucki

Jakub Bogucki

Senior Front-end Developer
Portrait of Marti Belegu

Marti Belegu

Front-end / BigCommerce Developer

Marek Klementa

Senior Front-end / WordPress Developer
Portrait of Luana Grunheidt

Luana Grunheidt

Back-end Developer

Shrouq Abozeid

Back-end Developer

Hector Hurtado

BigCommerce Developer
Portrait of Lucas Viana

Lucas Viana

Front-end Developer

Julio Pinheiro

Fullstack Developer

Lukasz Stebelski

Back-end Developer
Portrait of Przemyslaw Rak

Przemyslaw Rak

WordPress / Shopify Developer
Portrait of Pawel Lewczuk

Pawel Lewczuk

WordPress Developer

Piotr Suwara

Senior iOS Developer

Dawid Lijewski

Android Developer

Michał Bogus

Android Developer
Portrait of Prawesh Rajkarnikar

Prawesh Rajkarnikar

Front-end Developer

Nuno Gaspar

Front-end Developer

Daniel Wiadro

Front-end Developer

Filip Illioski

Front-end Developer

Mykola Zhurba

iOS Developer
Portrait of Ania Kisielewska

Ania Kisielewska

Back-end Developer

Paweł Torbus

Portrait of Piotr Śliwa

Piotr Śliwa

WordPress Developer
Portrait of Filip Chrapek

Filip Chrapek

WordPress Developer
Portrait of Kacper Szarek

Kacper Szarek

WordPress Developer

Quality Assurance

Portrait of Nadi Miagkova

Nadi Miagkova

Quality Assurance Specialist
Portrait of Artem Shelkoplias

Artem Shelkoplias

Quality Assurance Specialist
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