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Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year 2022

The end of the year is a time for wishes, and a good time for reflecting on the past year. We are no different at Xfive.

Before I write my wishes, I would like to share some accomplishments that we are very proud of this year.

After almost two years of hard work, we have fully transferred from a software house to a digital product development agency.

What does it mean? Being on the market for 16 years, we have built a strong expertise in the web development field. The Xfive delivery process has always been outstanding, and the best testimonial is a long-term relationship with our partners.

To complete our offer, we needed to invest more in two missing spaces to ensure that we will continue to offer the highest level of expertise in all areas.

The first one was the most difficult – we had to develop a strong creative arm in the Xfive organization. And even though it was done in such a short time, it worked out great. This was only possible thanks to the combination of two things: hiring top experts from the market to accomplish our creative experience that we had as a software house.

As a result, only this year, we built a bunch of new products for our clients – a few examples you can find on our new Behance profile. This is what we love, helping our partners to create their vision from the early stage.

The second meaningful change is offering our post-deployment care package as a standard part of our services. This is the answer to our clients’ demand and a result of a better understanding of product development. It allows us to improve the product that we build together, and give our partners peace of mind since we are taking care of their whole product life cycle.

The above extensions to our services make our offer complete. This finished Xfive transition to the agency model. That was only possible thanks to the hard work of the entire Xfive team. From this place, I would like to say “Thank you” to every Xfiver.

This also happens because our partners fully trust us and aren’t afraid to build their products with us. Thank you. Completing this journey in such a short period was only possible due to the inspiring collaborations we had with you.

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to partners with whom we work on mutual success. In this spirit, we say thank you for your fantastic cooperation.

The whole Xfive team sends you best wishes for the holidays and New Year.

About the author

Milosz Bazela

Milosz Bazela LinkedIn

Miłosz Bażela is Head of Xfive. He joined Xfive in 2012. His mission was to adapt the company to the new market needs and grow it later on. He has previously worked as Head of Customer Care, Head of Development, Head of Quality and Chief Security Officer. Experience from all of these roles allows him to successfully lead Xfive into the next age.

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