Salana Brings Craftsmanship to the Digital Age with a Dedicated No Code Solution

An image representing homepage for Salana - a no-code WordPress solution for craftsman.

Are you a mechanic, hairdresser, plumber or other craftsperson focused on your unique skill set? Do you want to promote yourself online but coding and building your website sounds like a complex nightmare?

Are you a mechanic, hairdresser, plumber or other craftsman focused on your unique skill set? Do you want to promote yourself online but coding and building your website sounds like a complex nightmare? Well then, you’re in the right place! 

We’ve recently wrapped up a thrilling project for Salana, a forward-thinking Swiss company keen on empowering the craftsmen industry through a web environment. 

This article shows how we transformed their product concept into a vibrant platform, where their end users are now able to create their own websites and showcase their business online. Without requiring them to write a single line of code!

Understanding the Challenges of Craftsman’s Website

Every great solution begins with understanding the problem. For Salana, the challenges were as follows:

  • Digital skills gap: most craftsmen excel in their trade and craft but might lack IT technical skills and confidence in the digital environment.
  • Simple yet unique: we need to find a good compromise between ease of use and ability to customize crafts peoples web presence.
  • Managing multiple websites: the Salana team will be responsible for the websites of all of their Clients and they need to be able to manage them easily.

Selecting the Right Technical Solution

While initially we want to only focus on the site building feature, Salana has plans for further development of their services. 

An Agile approach was suggested, where new functionalities can be iteratively added to the application. The base of the system would be a multisite WordPress solution, that allows for managing multiple sites and domains from a single Admin panel and can be expanded using custom code for either frontend or backend as needed.

An image representing Salana's wordpress website development approach v1 - Contact with craftsman via form.

The idea was that initially, the system could consist of a simple WP site (Salana’s marketing page) and a link to a Google form to collect contact details and content from the craftspeople to publish on their new websites (V1).

An image representing Salana's no-code solution with a possible solution v2 - link craftsman contact to Google form.
An image representing Salana's no-code solution with a possible option v3 - WordPress multisite setup.

In the second version the google form could be replaced with a bespoke form for the craftspeople (V2 and V3) to eventually create a panel where the users could have a live preview of the changes they want to make to the content and style of the website (V4) as well as other functionalities Salana want’s to provide.

An image representing Salana's no-code solution with a possible option v4 - admin panel with the website management settings.

After discussions with the Client, a decision was made that the live preview of the changes done by the craftsmen is a crucial part of the service, so a dedicated app has been designed and implemented to provide this feature.

Building a No-Code Solution on WordPress to Empower the Craftsman

The custom app built on top of WordPress is essentially a no-code solution for end users, that allows them to create their own websites. The added value of Salana’s solution, compared to existing ones like Webflow or Squarespace, is its significant ease of use.

Let’s be honest here – sometimes too many options for customization can cause decision paralysis and the existing no-code solutions can be bloated with unused code, impacting the site’s performance and SEO. The craftspeople do not need to be bothered with all that! They want to build their space and visibility online – a simple template with a few color options is enough to fit their needs! Limiting the customization options allows for a simple codebase without any bloat for the individual sites.

The no-code approach demystifies web development. This approach puts the power back in the hands of the craftsmen.

More than a no-code WordPress website builder

A dedicated no-code solution is not all that Salana has to offer. Being a company based in Europe (in contrast to Webflow or Squarespace which are US-based), they have a deep understanding of EU regulations that are so important for EU citizens. 

The created app is mainly for German-speaking users from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Having a website provider that is from Europe can give an added level of security and confidence, especially for a non-technical person, who wants to build a website.

The Future of Salana: Next Steps for Growth

The web landscape is evolving, and so should your business. For Salana and a-like ambitious companies, future enhancements might include:

  • Integrating Advanced Analytics to gather insights on user interactions and refine marketing strategies.
  • Expanding Customization Options to cater to a broader audience with varying tastes.
  • Interview Early Adapters to gather feedback and help define the direction for future development.

Why Choose Us?

Ready to transform your ideas? Check out our services and portfolio to see what we can do for you. If you’re all set to start your project, reach out to us today, and let’s make your business shine online!

Summing up Salana’s project, we built a platform; we crafted a gateway that connects skilled artisans with the digital world. Your business could be the next success story. Let’s build something brilliant together—no coding required!

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