Xfive Recognized as a Top Business by The Manifest

Photo by Sean Lim on Unsplash

Photo by Sean Lim on Unsplash

Remote work? Old news. How Xfive has handled the global pandemic in stride because of company culture.

Over the past few months, billions of people across the globe have Googled “how to work remotely”. You know what our team has been researching instead of how to work remotely? We’ve been working on how to improve your business like we’ve improved thousands of others since we began work in 2005.

The reason why we didn’t have to take a second to figure out how to adjust to remote work is because we already were remote. Our team at Xfive is based in Krakow, Poland… and in Slovakia, Australia, the United States, and other locales. Only 40% of our employees are in Krakow, Poland.

We’ve always been remote and able to serve clients around the world without ever interacting with them. While other B2B service providers have had to slow down to adjust to the remote work world, we’ve been operating full speed ahead for our clients.

Because we’re always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting our clients, we’re recognized by the sage sources of the industry as a leading B2B service provider — like The Manifest.

The Manifest recognizes top businesses and is a company listing site. We’re honored to have received many reviews over the years from our clients and to maintain a stellar 4.9-star average.

Xfive delivers digital products since 2005

In recent reviews, clients such as Blake Reary, the director of design for Ironclad Inc, Sally Liu, a conservancy scientist at The Nature Conservatory, Beth Stewart, the head of digital at Holy Cow! Creative and more have all praised our work for their respective businesses.

In a recent 5.0-star review, Danny Blood, the CTO of Boston Software Group, praised the frontend development work that we did for his insurance based software company. Focusing on the frontend, we transformed an insurance-based software’s flagship product—a legacy desktop application—into online, cloud-backed software with a tech stack including Angular, Node.js and CSS.

We considered our initial beta release a success; although there were some slight delays, they did a great job of executing that deliverable. All in all, they tackled a huge project, and we credit them for being able to get it done.

We’re incredibly grateful to all our satisfied clients who keep us moving full steam ahead! To see how you can join their ranks, please contact us today.

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