Xfive Xmas Party 2023

Xfive Xmas party 2023

There could not be a proper ending to the 2023 year without the Xfive Xmas Party. And it wasn’t all about gathering and having fun.


Xfive’s tradition became raising money among the employees for the noble goal of supporting Cracow’s Child Hospice. And yeah, we are becoming better and better at this; we’ve beaten last year’s record in the sum of money gathered (4200 PLN). As usual, Xfive doubled this amount. 

We’ve managed to buy items that facilitate the Hospice’s daily functioning. This includes care products, towels, pajamas, bed linen, diapers, products with long shelf life, and educational toys. Apart from that, we bought some medical equipment that seems to be still missing in such places. We supplied the Hospice with another medical suction device (an addition to the two such devices that we’ve already bought) and two pulse oximeters. 

Xfive Online Xmas Party

Unfortunately, not all of our team members have had the occasion to come to Poland and meet in person with others. That’s why we organized the Xfive Online Xmas Party. During this part, we met up in the Gather app, where a custom-made Christmas Town awaited the team. We started with the CEO’s presentation summarising the whole 2023 year and expressing hopes and plans for the next year. After that, we chose the winners of the photo contest “Winter Vibe” and competed a bit in the “Get to Know your Colleague Better” and “Photo Booth Entries” contests. Xcoins (each worth 1 USD) were just flowing at players’ accounts. There was also some time for unofficial chats and games like Tetris or Taboo.

Xfive Onsite Xmas Party

The last part of the December celebration took place in our physical office in the heart of Cracow. The onsite party started with exchanging Christmas wishes and raising an official toast. It was so good to see each other in person! We talked, laughed, ate good food, and enjoyed each other’s company! Nothing summarizes this meeting better than the entries that you see below. 

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