Open software adaptation for a consulting platform


The OECD hired us to adapt an open-source platform, Consul Democracy, for the OPSI needs of a new consulting platform.



Product type

Web App


GovernmentSocial ImpactNon-profit Organizations


Ruby on RailsWordPress



A mix of skills and experience

The goal of the OECD was to build a public engagement platform to provide a channel for discussion and input on the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation website (OPSI). They found a free and open-source solution, Consul Democracy, that could serve as a good starting point; however, it required extensive customization to meet their needs.

They also needed a single sign-on solution (SSO) so the platform could use the same registration and login as their main website. We were hired to strategize and execute this customization and authentication integration.

Xfive was selected from a handful of other agencies because of a mix of skills and experience around Ruby on Rails development (for new platform development), WordPress development (for integration to the new site), and Auth0 (for single sign-on).

Solid workflow and QA process

After initial scoping, we provided the client with a line-item estimate and proposal for work. We primarily worked asynchronously through Trello and Slack, which worked well for the client. They also appreciated the solid workflow and QA process, which minimized the time needed for their reviews.

Once we delivered a functional version of the engagement platform and fully integrated the authentication with the client’s WordPress website and Auth0, we continued with several additional customizations as needed.

New ideas to enhance the product

According to the client, the final deliverables were excellent. They were rolling it out to more internal teams as a new way of doing business.

The client stated that having just a couple of points of contact helped keep interactions efficient.

Overall, the client was impressed with our thorough project management, development, and QA processes. It strikes a good balance of getting the hands-on development work done without too much time spent on overhead.

We also provided new ideas to enhance the product in ways the client had not considered before.

They provided new ideas to enhance the product in ways that we had not thought of before.

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