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Departments of UC Berkeley

Our long-term partnership with many departments of UC Berkeley covered the full spectrum of WordPress development and maintenance.


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WordPress websites for departments of The University of California, Berkeley

In 2016 – 2021, Xfive collaborated with eleven departments of the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. University departments required simple, clean, accessible websites that were easy to use and manage. WordPress was a perfect fit for this set of requirements.

Xfive designed and developed their WordPress websites from scratch or based on a migration from Drupal or a legacy CMS based on Ruby on Rails.

Because of the specific requirements of higher education institutions, the design and structure followed a set of predefined rules. Depending on the size and complexity of the department, we either developed a custom WordPress website or suggested a purpose-made, higher-education theme called Press+.

Xfive delivered websites to the following UC Berkeley departments:

  • The Department of Astronomy
  • The Theoretical Astrophysics Center
  • Center for Integrative Planetary Science
  • The History of Art Department
  • The Department of Film & Media
  • The Department of Rhetoric
  • The Department of German
  • UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender
  • The Department of Ethnic Studies
  • The Department of African American Studies

The key aspects of our solution: accessible, easy-to-use, reliable websites

  • Accessibility and responsiveness are two must-haves for any organizational and educational website, implemented according to the latest guidelines and current best practices.
  • WordPress allows users of all levels of skills and experience to administer the website, edit and update its content, manage its roles, etc.
  • The migration from legacy CMS platforms brings value to UC Berkeley departments thanks to faster load times, modern yet clean design, SEO improvements, and ease of management.
  • The Care & Maintenance plan keeps the websites up-to-date, allows for improvements in themes and plugins as needs arise, and helps avoid accumulating technical debt.

They’ve never turned us down when we’ve had questions; their availability is excellent.

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