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Custom ZOHO Inventory Themes

Call it ZOHO themes

It was a very long time ago when I met ZOHO CRM for the first time. My company was looking for a CRM to handle our growing client base. That was our close encounter of third kind back in the past.

Since that first meeting there has been no connection between me, Xfive and ZOHO, no request from the clients with ZOHO CRM specification or whatsoever. This status has changed just recently, new engagement with ZOHO occurred coincidentally, one of our clients, came with the request to design a custom quote for the Quote module in their ZOHO account. The client has invited me to his account to review it and advise, if something like custom designed quote document is even possible to do.

After brief review of ZOHO CRM Inventory items  – Quote module, I’ve discovered that it uses simple html markup plus ZOHO merge field tags to render the look of the quote and other inventory item documents. These tags are pulling data from the ZOHO’s database and populate quote document when printed or sent via email as PDF. I’ve already met with similar approach on Saasu online cloud accounting system where I’ve created invoice themes for their clients. I’ve used the same approach for ZOHO and created custom designs for the quote, invoice, purchase order and sales order documents. Clients of ZOHO CRM can use these custom designed themes to enhance visual appearance of their documents.

Theme Gallery

Choose from my little design collection below and learn how to install these custom designed inventory item templates in following installation guide. Themes are free to download, customise and use in ZOHO CRM. Images below are actually PDF exports of the quotes. The look of the quotes might vary depending on data pulled from ZOHO.

Theme 1


Click on the image to see the theme preview

Download Theme 1,(ZIP, 8kB)

Theme 2

Download Theme 2,(ZIP, 6kB)

Theme 3


Click on the image to see the theme preview

Download Theme 3,(ZIP, 7kB)

Theme 4


Click on the image to see the theme preview

Download Theme 4,(ZIP, 7kB)

Theme 5


Click on the image to see the theme preview

Download Theme 5,(ZIP, 7kB)

OK, OK, now you have custom themes, but what you will do with them next?

Here’s where and how you can add / edit your quote document template with custom designed templates.


Five simple steps to install the theme

Custom theme installation is pretty straightforward.  Follow these five simple steps to install your custom theme on your ZOHO account.


In your ZOHO account navigate to Setup module.  You will receive following screen. Figure 1.


Figure 1

Step 2.

Please click “Inventory Templates” link in Templates section in Figure 1 above.

Step 3.

You’ll arrive into next section, which is displayed in below Figure 2. That’s “Inventory Templates” section where are stored templates for Inventory modules. To create new custom template click the “New Template” button in that screen.


Figure 2

You will receive new screen with various template options as displayed in Figure 3.


Figure 3

Step 4.

In Add/Edit Template screen there’s a textfield area where you can paste custom template html.

In WYSIWYG editor located on that text field area select the HTML button which opens popup where you will insert HTML code from custom template. Figure 4.


Figure 4

Insert button will add HTML code into text field area and display preview of the theme in that area.
Figure 5.


Figure 5

To Save theme just hit the “Save” button and your theme will be saved for use.

To  preview saved theme just hit “Preview” button and you’ll see how the theme will appear on print (however this preview is not loading real data from database – only merge field tags are displayed).

Step 5.

Template activation. To make your newly created template active and ensure it will be used for your inventory items you will need to activate it. It’s done with simple click – “Set as default” checkbox option appears on the right side of the template list at each listed template item. You can find it on Inventory Templates section. Figure 6 below demonstrates that.


Figure 6

A true preview of the inventory template document – Quote – is shown in the Gallery above. ZOHO offers two modes of preview one is HTML preview and another one is PDF preview. There’s PDF preview accompanied with each theme available to download in above gallery.

In case you have custom design of your quote, invoice or other kind of inventory documents and you would like to use them with ZOHO, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at We’ll be happy to assist you with that task and create custom theme for your ZOHO inventory modules. Use code ZOXIVE to get free email templates visually matching ZOHO themes.

About the author

Stano Dzavoronok

Stano Dzavoronok LinkedIn

Stan Dzavoronok has been behind XHTMLized (now Xfive) from its inception, from the initial idea to real life implementation. He actually coined that tongue breaking name which is now a well known brand among the PSD to HTML services. As part of X-Team, he's been engaged in partnerships with FOX and Twitter, and currently works as an Engager at Xfive.

More from Stano
More from Stano

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Your templates look impressive. I am Product Manager of Zoho Inventory. We have custom templates. If you verify wether our custom template feature embeds your templates then we are on. Kindly let me know.

Aug 29, 2016


Awesome themes. Thank you

Sep 03, 2019

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