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Xfive Introduces PressPlus

With over ten years of experience in the educational market, thanks to the legacy of Webvanta CMS, we're taking another step and presenting Press +, a WordPress-powered system for universities and other educational organisations.

Time to move on

The experience and feedback that the Xfive Team gained thanks to the acquisition of Webvanta was priceless. We were able to learn about the needs of the demanding educational market and the specificity of its requirements.

After weeks of research, we’ve decided that a modern university deserves a fresh, easy-to-use, mobile friendly, and, what’s most important, a flexible and customizable system.

That’s why we’ve created Press +.

Inside Press +

Press + is based on the well-known WordPress CMS. We’ve chosen it because it offers a user-friendly interface, is as easy to use as webmail and can be almost infinitely customized.

In addition to standard WordPress features like static pages, news/blog posts, contact forms, etc., we’ve added education-oriented modules that make Press + a system tailored to serve universities.

Main Press + modules for education are:

  • Dashboard
  • Courses
  • Projects
  • People
  • News
  • Events
  • Content Pages

More than a theme

Thanks to our customers, we’ve gathered the most critical features that a university would use within its online presence.

The Press + service contains all the necessary functionalities of the theme, but in opposition to ready-made solutions it offers a full package of options:

  • Project discovery
  • Web design creation
  • Setup, management, QA
  • Press + theme styling
  • Website installation
  • Domain transfer/mapping

If your organisation already has an online presence but is about to make it more up-to-date, within the Press + service we’re offering a Migration Package:

  • Drupal to Press +
  • Webvanta to Press +
  • Other CMS to Press +

…and when your requirements are more complex, we can provide customization, both for design and functionalities.

Hosting and Maintenance

To provide a full-service solution, Press + offers friendly packages of hosting; to keep you safe, we can also take care of your system with one of our Maintenance packages. Both Hosting and Maintenance are available in Basic and Pro versions.

To learn more about Press +, simply visit

About the author

Marek Tyniec

Marek Tyniec LinkedIn

Marek Tyniec joined Xfive in 2015 as a marketing specialist. When not thinking of CTRs and Conversion Rates, he rides his bike and writes a cycling blog.

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More from Marek

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