Finally, Photoshop Is Dead for Web and App Design

If you are a Mac user, you can skip this article. There’s more than 99% chance that you use Sketch and Photoshop has been dead for you for a long time.

However, as Windows users we can celebrate. Our beloved and hated Photoshop is getting a viable alternative on Windows (let’s save Figma for another article). The Windows version of the new horse in the Adobe’s stable, Adobe Experience Design (shortly Adobe XD) is catching up on its Mac counterpart.

Catch Mac if you can

This week’s update of Adobe XD has brought a long awaited support for layers to Windows, plus a few other features like copy and paste from the File Explorer. The layers are important because they help you stay organized which is essential for any design project.

Newly added layers in Adobe XD Windows. Image source:

This shows a good progress on the most important features which were missing from the Windows version up until recently. For example, the last month update added masking and boolean operations on shapes.

There are still some notable features missing like symbols and gradients but with the current pace we can hope to get these in the June’s update.

Meanwhile, Mac users complain that development of the Mac version has been stagnant, which is true, but …

You still have Sketch, right? The tool I have envied Mac designers since the day I learned about it.

Anyway, I feel your pain and I wish Adobe would put more resources to Adobe XD development so the both Mac and Windows users are happy.

Switch to Adobe XD

If you are still using Photoshop or Illustrator for your web or app design projects, it’s time to start switching to Adobe XD. Take advantage of the upcoming month to learn Adobe XD essentials so you can use it to its full potential after the June’s update.

Here is a bunch of tutorials which can help you with that:


Our company has popularized PSD to HTML industry, maybe it’s time to popularize XD to HTML now? ???? Seriously, the web and app design and development landscape have changed significantly since the old PSD to HTML days. It’s hard to say whether something like XD to HTML will catch on at all.

Still, if you need a reliable development partner who can handle various types of web and app projects designed in Adobe XD, feel free to submit your project on our Digital Product landing page.

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